CPC Select Basketball sponsors teams in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. It is a youth basketball feeder program for students that plan to attend Cedar Park Christian High School in Bothell, WA.  

The CPC Select Basketball program is a competitive experience.  This program is designed for the more advanced youth basketball player who is seeking a higher commitment level compared to recreational basketball.  Our goal is to be excellent in the area of player development accomplished in a decidedly Christian environment.

Below is the practice and game commitment per grade level.

ï 4th Grade: 2 – 90 minute evening practices per week, approximately 30+ games (league games, plus 3 area tournaments)

ï 5th Grade: 3 – 90 minute evening practices per week, approximately 30+ games (league games, plus 3 area tournaments), March State Tournament in Spokane, WA *TEAM MUST QUALIFY*

  • 6th thru 8th Grades: 3 – 90 minute evening practices per week, approximately 35+ games (league games plus 4 area tournaments), March State Tournament in Spokane, WA  *TEAMS MUST QUALIFY*    


Each team consists of a maximum of 10 athletes.  Team Rosters will be chosen based on those individuals that demonstrate an ability to compete and develop at the select level.  Roster priority will be given to CPC Bothell Campus students. 

4th & 5th grade students that do not make a CPC Select team are encouraged to participate in a recreational league.  The NYBA is one available option to consider (

6th-8th grade students who do not make the select team are invited to participate in the CPC Middle School basketball program.  This season begins in late October and ends the first part of January.  Contact Middle School Athletic Director Grant Benzel for more information. 


CPC Select basketball coaches are committed Christians that view coaching as a positive way to influence others toward Jesus Christ.

Listed below are the CPC Select Head Coaches for this season along with their basketball experience:

4th Grade – Mike Zander – Former College Player, Former Pro-Am Player, Youth Coaching Experience, CPC HS Coaching Experience

5th Grade – Micah Patterson – 4 Year CPC HS Player @ CPC MLT (All-League Senior Year), HS Varsity Coaching Experience

6th Grade – Jared Madrazo – Standout HS Player, Former College Player, HS Coaching Experience, 6th Grade CPC Select Head Coach 2017-18

7th Grade – TJ Duffy – 5 Years CPC Select Head Coach, HS Coaching Experience, 8th Grade CPC Select Head Coach 2017-18

8th GradeLarry Wolf – Standout HS Player, Former College Player, 2 Years CPC Select Head Coach, 7th Grade CPC Select Head Coach 2017-18


Select Practice starts in mid to late October.  Athletes who play a fall sport (i.e. football, soccer) are expected to attend fall sport practice/game when there is a scheduling conflict with basketball.  When there is not a scheduling conflict fall sport players are expected to attend basketball practice.  Teams practice at the CPC Bothell campus.  Practice times are in the evening for 90 minutes with priority given to younger teams for earlier practice times.  We do not practice on Wednesdays in an effort to support church youth group attendance.  


Playing time for all games is left up to the discretion of the coaching staff.  Playing time is earned on the basis of each player’s effort, attention, commitment, and ability displayed in practice.  Those players with the best ability to combine these skills will receive the greatest amount of playing time.  Playing time is not guaranteed and fluctuates on a game to game basis.  Playing time is also subject to a player attending practice and participating with a good attitude. 


Athletes of the program will be governed by the CPC Athletic Department which includes the guidelines listed in the CPC Athletic Handbook.  This includes the academic standards outlined in the handbook that are needed in order to be eligible for competition.


All teams participate in league play and area tournaments which are on weekends.  Whenever possible, our program requests from event organizers that Sunday mornings be blocked off from competition to support church attendance for our families.  Effort is also made for CPC Select teams to play games at the CPC High School gym.

Listed is the tournament schedule per grade level.  Each tourney includes 4 games over the weekend and tourney schedules are not typically released until a few days before the event.  CPC Select athletes are asked to be available on the following weekends:

4th–5th Grades:  CPC Fall Classic – Nov 9-11, Mt. Si MLK Tourney Jan 12-14, CPC Prez Classic Feb 15-18

6th-8th Grades:  CPC Fall Classic Nov 9-11, Juanita Tourney Nov 23-25, Mt. Si MLK Tourney Jan 12-14, CPC Prez Classic Feb 15-18

*All Grades will participate in a season ending league tournament Mar 1-3.

**The Middle School State Tournament is March 15-17 in Spokane, WA.  Our 5th-8th grade teams qualify for state by finishing 1st or 2nd in any of the tournaments listed above.  4th grade does not participate.


CPC Select uses the same playbook throughout the program. Varsity Head Coach Adam Lynch provides oversight and is a resource for CPC Select Coaches and their teams.


All members of CPC Select Boys Basketball are recognized during half-time at one of the Varsity Boys Basketball games.  CPC Select players wear their game uniform which is identical to the HS Program. Select players gain free admission all season to any HS Varsity Boys Basketball game provided they wear their select game uniform.


CPC Select Basketball is a Decidedly Christian Basketball Program.  Our Coaches & Players compete “For Him”.  During the season a lesson will be presented at practice to the program from a biblical worldview. A “Barnabus Award” will be given each week to a deserving player in the program who has demonstrated a servant’s heart toward his team.  In addition coaches will pray before & after games/practices.


Registration: Select registration fees are $450 for 4th-5th grade, $475 for 6th, and $500 for 7th-8th grade.  The player fee covers league fees, tournament fees, shooting shirt, equipment, coaching stipend, and administrative fees. 

AAU Card:  An AAU membership is required for any athlete in our program.  Membership in AAU provides additional liability insurance at sanctioned AAU events.  This is a separate $16 charge paid directly to AAU via their online registration platform.

Gear: Select basketball gear is ordered directly from the gear provider and total cost will depend on how much you order above what is required. Gear costs for required items (game uniform, and practice uniform) are typically between $100-$150.  Returning families can use the same game uniform from last year provided it still fits.  Other items such as team bag, sweatshirt, etc. are optional.  Parents are encouraged to purchase any personal items to be worn as spirit wear to the games.

State: An additional tournament registration fee will apply for teams that qualify for the Middle School State Tournament in Spokane, WA.

Fundraiser: Our program participates in an annual fundraiser.  All athletes will be responsible for raising a minimum of $50. There are prizes for the top award winners.  More information regarding the fundraiser will be provided at the Select Parent Meeting.

Below is a breakdown of the fees, not including any reductions for gear.

Registration AAU Card Fundraiser *Gear Est. Total Cost
4th & 5th grades $          450 $           16 $             50 $             150 $                666
6th grade $          475 $           16 $             50 $             150 $                691
7th & 8th grades $          500 $           16 $             50 $             150 $                716

*Gear is purchased directly from our gear vendor. Costs are estimated and will vary depending on how many optional items are ordered.


We have one scheduled tryout on Sunday 9/16.  There is a second, tentative tryout scheduled and will be used on an as needed basis.  The first tryout session will be broken out by grade. If a second tryout session is needed, we will have just one session with all grades. Please note that if the scheduled time doesn’t work for you on 9/16, your son may attend the earlier or later session – just let us know if that’s what you plan to do.

Sunday Sept 16th: Grades 4-5: 1-2:30pm, Grades: 6-8: 2:30-4pm

Sunday Sept 23rd: All Grades 1-2:30pm **AS NEEDED ONLY**

Tryouts will be held at the CPC Bothell Main Gym, 16300 112th Ave. NE Bothell, WA 98011

RSVP for tryouts by emailing:

RSVP with: Name, Grade, School Attending, Other Info We Need to Know