Matt Broman – JV Assistant Coach

JV Assistant Coach

Coach Broman is an alumnus of CPC and played four years in the HS basketball program.  He has previous coaching experience at the select and high school level for CPC, specifically as an Assistant Coach 3rd Grade, Assistant Coach 6th Grade and Summer HS Coach.
Coach Broman is a student of the game, a sincere communicator, and is a Christ follower.

From Coach Broman:  I am thankful that my parents placed such a strong value on not only higher education, but also valued a Christian education above all else, and made the personal sacrifices necessary to provide me with the opportunity to attend Cedar Park who provided these values. Had it not been for their sacrifices I would have never met some of the amazing teachers at Cedar Park, some of whom are still vital parts of my life. After graduating from Cedar Park in 2010, I attended Seattle Pacific University and received a B.A. in Business in 2014, since then I have been working at a local brokerage firm as a Strategy and Data Analyst. Throughout college and and post graduate life I have continually sought to give back to the Cedar Park basketball program after spending four amazing years participating in the program during high school, helping in the select program for a few years and working with Coach Lynch for a summer. I am very excited to be a part of the high school program this year and hope to give the kids the same kind of experiences I had when in the program. 

For Him!